Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Binge Watching

One thing that's grown in popularity with digital TV is binge watching.  You can watch an entire season or even multiple seasons of any show you want--depending on what programming you subscribe to.  I recently watched the Starship Troopers crap to my disappointment.  If you're looking for a pleasant surprise, I like Better Call Saul. This is the story about an attorney trying to get established, yet things liked being disbarred keep getting  in his way. It's incredibly good, currently runs on AMC Monday night.  But you can binge and get caught up. 

Another good binge opportunity in The Man in the High Castle. Based on the Philip K. Dick story, it's about to start its third season.  It's some very well done alternate history that takes a different look at the Axis powers of WWII. Start now and you'll be ready for season three.

Of course the ultimate binge if you're one of the four or five who has not watched it--The Walking Dead.  Although I am starting to tire of it, it's an amazing series than surprised and even scared me  a few times over it's very long run.

Go binge.  

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Reverse panhandling

As I have mentioned before, the one thing I hate ab out Tucson is it is packed with vagrants begging for money.  Yesterday I needed to go downtown.   "Got any spare change?" was my lead off. "You got any money?"      Well that brought an immediate round of threats to kick my ass.  I guess if I'm going to play this game I'll need my pep   spray.                     

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Watchin but don't know why.

Okay, so I found two DVD's of Starship Troopers that were sequels.  One was awful and the other was okay.  Then I found a computer animated version that I turned off after a few minutes because it was so bad.   I guess they wanted it to take on a franchise like Star Trek.  That didn't exactly happen.

I watched the original Troopers when it came out.  I liked it. Exploding bugs, topless girls--what's not to like?  Of course the movie was based on Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein.  I don't remember the coed shower scenes in Heinlein's book but it has been a while.  

What's it all mean?  Beyond the original, the rest of them are a waste of time and money.  I still like the original movie which is still available to watch.  And that's about it.  Read the book and you'll be better off.

Thursday, August 9, 2018


We're still getting our evening rain storms which Arizonans call monsoons.  They usually stop around the end of July, but not this year.  Our plant friends seem to enjoy the rain and cooler temperatures. I'm not sure if the annual rainfall will much different as we had an unusually dry first half of the year.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Trash Day

Today is garbage day where I live.  They pick up recycling and regular garbage on the same day.  I never know when they'll show up so I put the trash out early.

a garbage truck, but not intended as a  depiction of the one used where                                                                     

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

power poopers

I mentioned last week I'd forgotten to eat one day.  Well, today I didn't get any supper.  I went to the store but they were closed because of a power outage. 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Accessing Star Trek

Well, old Piccard is returning to Star Trek.  I still have not seen Discovery. Now there's another one brewing.  I won't pay ten bucks a month to watch old CBS reruns in the form of CBS All Access.  So, as I said when Discovery launched, cram it CBS

Sunday, August 5, 2018

How come?

"How come you can't ship to Mars?" some wise ass asked. I deleted it. It was in reference to my book offer is only good for earth residents. Well, the post office simply doesn't ship there. Nothing I can do about.  However, if any Martians want to come by the house I'll gladly give them a copy.

"How come you're obsessed with Mars?" I was recently asked.
I am what I am.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Them Martians

Earth is at apogee right now.  That means Earth and Mars are close together--as close as we get.  It's been about 15 years since we were that close.  It still is a fairly small red dot in the sky.  I don't trac this stuff like the backyard telescope crowd, but I believe most of the planets that can be seen without a telescope are visible now.  

Back to them Martians.  They've found some significant water. It's frozen. It's also possible Mars had more atmosphere and may have been warmer than it is now. I just hope they find evidence of life there.  I can't control what Nasa does, but I think their current efforts could have a Martian standing on the surface and our probes might not even notice them.  I'm just not impressed.  Since I can't afford my own space probes it will have to do.

Well, I was talking to some people about the apogee and Mars being so close and was asked "You should publish something about Mars." Well Buard breath, I said [just kidding] I have.  Two lovely products are currently available about Mars that I have edited.  There's The Martian Anthology 
and, for you steampunk/19th century fans, Science Fiction Trails #9 did an all Martian issue. And they're both available at Amazon for two bucks plus shipping through the end of August.  Click on the Marketplace other sellers to find our offer..  This offer is for Earth residents only. We are not currently able to ship to Mars.

Friday, August 3, 2018


Sometimes, not often but every now and again, something happens to me that I find simply incredible.  Yesterday, I could not figure out why I was so hungry.  It was 8:00 PM.  Slowly my brain informed my gut we were hungry because we hadn't eaten anything all day. I wasn't fasting.  I was not on some new diet. Breakfast, lunch, supper? Forgot them all. Went to a 24 hour restaurant and got some pancakes.  I hope I don't do that again.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Back in the day they called places that sold gasoline "Fillin Stations."  Then they became "Service Stations."  Those were the days. They came out and cleaned your windshield and even checked your tire pressure.  When was the last time you checked you tires?   Gradually, those service stations sort of vanished--replaced by convenience stores.  Perhaps it was inevitable for this evolution. All I can say for certain is replacing service with some overworked cashier who can't get you ice out of the freezer outside because she's so overworked she can't get away from the cash register. Well, I'm not sure if it's an improvement.  

That has me wondering as the robots take over our economy do we have them check your oil and pump the gas or do we just automate the convenience store and have no employees?  Time will tell.