Monday, February 27, 2012

Checking In?

Nick parked the yellow Caddy in front of the fireplug and went inside the motel.  He noticed a tall fellow standing behind the front desk.  "Hello, can I get a room?"
"Sureee," the fellow with the "Elliott" name tag replied.  "You want one with roaches or no roaches?"
"Uh, I guess no roaches," Nick answered. "Uh,?"
"Boss only had enough money to hire an exterminator for half the hotel," Elliott anticipated. "Of course, the roach rooms are a little cheaper."
"I think I'll splurge and get one without roaches," Nick said.
"Okay, you mind sharin?"
"Sharing? I have to share a room?" Nick asked.
"We're out of roach free rooms.  Guy in 14 said he'd share," Elliott explained.
"So, there's an extra bed in the room?"
Elliott chuckled. "Not hardly, mister."
"I see.  Maybe I'll try the Holiday Inn," Nick said.
"Okee dokey. Course, all their rooms got roaches," Elliott said. "Mice too."
"Are you sure?" Nick asked. "That doesn't seem quite right?"
"Yep, same guy owns that place too."

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