Friday, February 24, 2012

movie trivia

In honor of the Oscars, I thought I'd put up some movie trivia you may not know:

Uma Thurman owns a Burger King franchise in Great Falls, MT
Queen Elizabeth is a huge fan of the Harold & Kumar movies
Before becoming a senator, barrack Obama starred in a remake of Shaft.
The remake of Miami Vice starred Ronald McDonald in the Tubbs role.
New Jersey governor Chris Christie produced all seven of the Harry Potter movies.
George W. Bush had a cameo role in High Plains Drifter as Pervis, the shopkeeper.
Mick Jagger had an uncredited part in Blade Runner.
The camera crew for Borne Identity were actually CIA spies working undercover in Europe.

And, on another movie front, my script for The Green Hornet versus The Frito Bandito still remains unsold.  Enjoy the Oscar show.

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