Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Review from Don D'Ammassa

The Devil Draws Two by David B. Riley, Timescape, 2012, $19.95, ISBN 9781469965581

Weird westerns seem to be enjoying a slight upsurge. This one is an omnibus collection of two short novels and a few shorter pieces about Miles O'Malley, a lawman equipped to deal with the unusual, everything from ghosts, monsters, and aliens to a resurrected Mayan deity. By its nature, the story is episodic although it's patched together into an overall narrative. The stories are quite imaginative and there are only a few rough spots in the prose, and some of the adventures are at least mildly tongue in cheek. This is really more of an occult adventure story than horror, in tone at least, and there's even a touch of science fiction. If you wish that Max Brand and Luke Short had written weird fiction - actually Brand did write some - then this is a book for you. 2/23/12

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