Monday, March 19, 2012

Adventures in the Secret Police

Well, the St. Patrick's Day Free Kindle book offer went fairly well. About 100 folks downloaded the free book.  Not bad, though the Valentine's Day offer for Six Guns Straight From Hell  generated 500 downloads.  Don't know when, or if, I'll offer another freebie. It's not a bad way to let people who aren't all that familiar with me try out some of my writing.  Adventures  was always the unwanted bastard child of my lineup.  It was accepted once many years ago, but that publisher was deliberately wasting my time--never would give me a contract and clearly had not intention of publishing it. Then, further attempts to sell it were flushed because I made the mistake of using Santa Claus as a character. "We don't do seasonal material."  Christmas is never mentioned in the book and has nothing to do with the story. It isn't a Christmas book.
Anyway, it's out now in Kindle and folks can read about Mr. North and the rest of the gang at the Secret Police.

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