Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I haven't gone fishing this year.  Although I live right next to a river, the weather hasn't been all that great. But, I've noticed a lot of fishing going on.  So, I'll get out there soon. Why is this important? It's not, really.  I will soon be going to Arizona to go fishing with my dad. The fishing in Arizona isn't as good as what I can catch outside my back door, yet I will travel hundreds of miles and will probably only catch a few fish. Fishing is simply not a logical activity. Last time I went to Arizona, I caught one fish. My dad caught two. We spent hundreds of dollars and spent twenty hours each trying to catch them. There isn't much in the way of trout fishing where my dad lives. It requires travel. So I travel to my dad's house, then we travel some more. Fishing is not a logical activity.

I usually catch and release. If you like to eat them, you can get really nice fish: trout, salmon, and even steelhead at Costco. Fishing is simply not a logical activity.

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