Friday, April 27, 2012


Last weekend I spent the whole weekend watching all the episodes of Grimm, the NBC horror/fantasy show.  Somehow, I hadn't seen it before. It's got people who are really monsters and basis for German fairy tales.  It's very compelling and not a typical network show. That's probably why I hadn't seen it, it was on NBC. I don't ever watch NBC.  Well, the season seems to be winding down, but there are still a few episodes left.  Just watched the latest episode.  I find it really compelling (and I hate everything).

By the way, I just love digital on demand. We haven't had it very long where I live. Not only did I get to watch Grimm, but I just love Black Exploitation movies from the 70s. I've been catching up on them as well.

And that leads me to back when I had Netflix. My tastes in movies was so bizarre that the computer couldn't figure out what to recommend. 

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