Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hip Ho Scallywags!!!

One thing that's amazed me is that I used to have a permanent photo of Captain Bligh on my old website.  Then, I've put him on this blog [that's the Charles Laughton version]. No one has ever asked WHY? do you have Captain Bligh on your blog?

Well, it's a two part answer. Some people used to say that Charles Laughton looks like me. And then there's Mr. Bligh. I think he's been unfairly demonized. By all accounts, he was a capable seaman and actually navigated by starlight 2000 miles in an open boat following the infamous mutiny on the Bounty.  In other words, he's kind of a hero to me.

Commander Bligh was just that--a commander. He was not a captain, though people refer to him as "Captain Bligh." The mutiny pretty much wrecked his naval career.

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