Thursday, April 5, 2012

wanton depravity

Some guy just outside the post office walked up to me and started calling me derogatory names. The only reason he's still alive is he was about 80 years old and it just didn't seem sporting to smash him to pieces.  There I was, twice the size of this old coot, armed with both a 9mm and a knife [I doubt he realized this] and he just starts screaming curse words at me.  I don't know what medication he forgot to take. I do know that I could've snapped his neck like a twig, or simply shot him.  But I live in Colorado. If this was Florida, then I could've said I was afraid of him and blown him to hell, no problem.  I just walked off.

I do have a concealed carry permit, by the way. 

Wait, there's more. So, I get home and I'm taking out the trash and some guy's pit bull comes after me. Well, I beaned fido with a trash bag and the dog retreated.  Then this guy comes running up to me with 2 x 4 in his hand. "Leave my dog alone!" he screams.

"Keep your dog away from me or it's going to die." I then grabbed his 2 x 4 and took it away from him. Maybe there's something in our water. Then, I went back inside.

This guy, also, could've been blown to hell and seemed unaware he was bringing a board to a gunfight. Ah, if only I lived in Florida.

Neither twerps were a real threat to me.  I doubt either realized the danger they put themselves in for no discernible reason. 

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