Thursday, April 5, 2012

We hold these truths

There are three things I believe and no one has ever been able to prove me wrong.

1. There is no North Dakota. Ever been to North Dakota? Of course not. Ever even meet anyone from North Dakota? Of course not. There is no such place. It's just a way for the so-called South Dakota to get twice as many electoral votes and representatives in Congress by faking another state.

2. About 60% of the probes from Earth to Mars have never arrived. [don't forget the Russian probes]
That's because they were shot down by the Martians.  Far fetched? I knew a retired NASA employee who worked at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This was during the good old USSR days. Scientists talked way before Detente.  Anyway, he said the USSR sent a probe to look for volcanic activity on Mars and its moons. The probe went by Phobos and picked up something between Phobos and the probe that was much hotter than the surrounding space. An hour later, the probe went dead. Anyway, the Soviet scientist in charge sent the JPL pictures of whatever it was [It was an infra red heat seeking camera]. The JPL scientists thought it looked like some kind of spaceship. Then they went home for the weekend. When they came back on Monday, the pix of the "spaceship" were gone. Nobody knew what happened to them. They tried to call the scientist in Russia. They were told he'd retired and didn't work there anymore.

3. J. Edgar Hoover and Edgar Rice Burrows were the same person. get pictures of the two of them side by side. They were the same guy.

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