Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Web hits, sales & such

Over at Science Fiction Trails, where I am publisher, our website runs between 20 to 40 visits per day. Nothing earth shattering. What I've always wondered is, what are these people looking for? They never buy anything. I even took down our online cashiering and replaced it with links to our distributor because no one ever bought anything directly off our site. Almost all of our sales are on Amazon.

They don't seem to want to submit stories, either. The overwhelming majority of our story submissions come from previous writers. So, that leaves me with the question: What do they want? I have no idea.  We tried a survey of our customers last year and asked how they found out about us. Almost all said Amazon. Few even knew we had a website. Ergo, further fuel for the the theory that our web visitors are not our paying customers. 

It's baffling, trying to run a small press operation. It almost seems counter intuitive. Whether you get reviews or not, no matter what price you charge, or any other variable and it's still a crap shoot not much different than random chance. 

So, to further test this theory, this weekend, calling it an Easter sale, our books on Amazon are going to be 40% off [print books] and there will be a rotating free sale for our Kindle books--meaning different products at different times. I doubt that this will affect business very much, but I wanted to see if buyers would react to the sale. We'll see. I'll report the results next week.

Oh, the picture--that's Karl, the dinosaur sheriff off the cover of  Science Fiction Trails.

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