Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Foot Hurts

I recently went to Arizona for a few days. On the plane ride back, my foot suddenly started hurting. On the sardine can of an airplane, I couldn't even untie my shoelaces.  Then there's the "He might be a terrorist, kill him," concept thanks to the shoe bomber.  So, when I got out to the car I took my shoes off. This was a tendon type of problem. I've never had it before. Now, after a week, my foot no longer hurts. I don't know what caused it.

The postcards I sent out said "Greeting From Hell on Earth."  We went fishing. It didn't work out so good. And, frankly, the place we stayed at was not very good. I'm not saying where, but my previous post from a few weeks ago might hint.  Anyway, I don't think Arizona has any fish. We've got way more in Colorado.

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