Friday, June 1, 2012

No Mas Gulpo

Well, it would appear that New York City is about to ban large soft drinks.  I hardly ever buy a large soft drink and usually drink iced tea (unsweetened), so I can't say this a concept that would even affect me if it caught on in other places. Still, this food police concept bothers me.  It's fine to sell folks liquor, which has all kind of negative consequences, but no, we send in the food cops to take away people's  beverages. But they can buy all of the cigarettes they want.  I just don't think government boards should be telling people what they can consume.  Obviously, there are those who feel otherwise.  And, I can confidently say nobody really cares what I think. 

I've found that Seven-Eleven has rather good prices on fountain drinks, as a rule.

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