Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cartoon Glasses

I've been collecting cartoon character glasses off and on since 1974. I've been going through my collection trying to figure what I want and what I might sell off. That's not easy since there hasn't been a new price guide published by anybody since 1995.  I do know that my glasses are probably worth less now than they were15 years ago.  The market is really bad.  If I'm going to get serious about selling them I can go on eBay, where I've never had much luck unless I give stuff away. Alternatively, I can try and rent a stall at some antique mall. The problem with that is, simply, there aren't any around here. Driving to Denver is not practical. 

On a related note, I collect Boris & Natasha stuff [From Bullwinkle]  There isn't much out there. I got outbid on a Natasha glass the other day.  The dealer had really high shipping charges, so I tried to keep my bid low--too low, it appears.

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