Friday, June 8, 2012


As I've mentioned before, over at Science Fiction Trails we're going to have an  all Martian issue come out a little later this year.  We got off to a rocky start with some real crap coming in, but ended up with some pretty good material.  What I didn't get was any English steam. Steampunk remains hot. Since this issue didn't have a western requirement, I thought some might come in, but that didn't happen.  However, I actually ended up with two stories on Mars. So, it's all good.

Our regular issue of Science Fiction Trails  will also come out later this year. It has some steampunk, of the western variety anyway.  I think this issue of SFT may be the best one yet. I hope it's not overshadowed by the Martian issue.  Anyway, we've never put out two issues, but I thought it would be better since each issue is so different. 

SFT has been like a yo-yo over the years. Some issues sold, some did not. Some issues had good participation for story submissions, others not so much.  But, our readership has grown and the magazine is a lot bigger. I noticed at the reading last week that even issue six was quite a bit smaller than issue 7 (the current one). The two new ones will be of similar size to number 7. 

Almost all of our sales are through Amazon. We have almost no retail distribution. If somebody is interested in a distribution deal, let me know. The good news is that we're selling more and more through Amazon--in both ebook and print.  So, I'll be chomping at the bit for the nest few months, wondering how the two new issues will do. I've learned not to release anything during the summer. Learned that the hard way.

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