Thursday, July 26, 2012

Copyright my ass

Copyright laws are a total joke.  I'm seeing more and more online sights offering to sell people digital versions of my books.  Thing is, they don't own the rights to sell them--I do.  I have no idea how many books they actually sell.  These places are usually in foreign countries and they know it would cost far more to pursue them than it's worth. So they blatantly violate copyright laws without risk of any consequence.  What is really bothering me is that there seem to be more and more of these places every month.  I've long been bothered by one particular site. I've just found three more of them.  I guess ripping off people continues to be a growth industry.

In spite of international copyright laws and various other promises to protect intellectual property rights through GATT, the reality is there is no real protection and people can steal my stories and resell them with impunity.  Strangest thing of all--they're often trying to sell the stuff for more than a legit purchase on Amazon would cost.

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