Friday, July 6, 2012

Let Them Eat Kake

I seem to be reminiscing about my childhood a lot lately. The other day it was fireworks. Today, it’s cake. I was probably in the summer between junior and senior year of high school. For some inexplicable reason I decided to bake a cake. Thing was, our mom had always used cake mix. I didn’t have any cake mix. So, I decided to make a scratch cake. I had no recipe. So, I dumped what seemed like a reasonable amount of flour (didn’t have any cake flour) into a bowl, then started adding cake ingredients. Blindly. What seemed like enough banking powder, some eggs, and whatever else we had in the cupboard. I remember I mixed green and yellow food color to get a florescent sort of green. Into the oven it went.

Well, it baked for a while, then I took it out. I remember it was lopsided and kind of looked like a giant green lopsided sponge. And that’s kind of what it tasted like. I realized this was no ordinary cake. I couldn’t get my brother to eat it. Then I ripped off a hunk and tried to get the birds to try it. The birds would have nothing to do with it. (The wild birds hanging out in the yard, not some caged creature).

Then, I took the tray outside and sat on a bench and tore off another hunk and offered it to Tex, our beagle. Well, he spat it out and ran away. As I sat there contemplating which neighbor’s yard to toss it into, Tex returned and grabbed the cake and ran off with it. He then proceeded to bury it in the corner of the yard. Darnedest thing. The dog was clearly smarter than I was. That was the day Tex saved the world.

I don’t even remember what flavor it was supposed to be. But I do remember that cake. It didn't look like this one.

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