Saturday, July 21, 2012

post awful

I've just completed the process of changing my address so I can finally say goodbye to the incompetent jerks of the Avon Post Office.  As final insult, the worthless clerk refused to give me back my key deposit.  I had to pay one 8 years ago when I rented the box. Now, after eight years of torment and the worst mail service in the country, it kind of seemed fitting that they would refuse to give me back my key deposit.

It's a federal offense to attack a postal employee. You can't sue the post office. Complaining is like talking to a wall. At various times I've written the Postmaster General, filed complaints with the postal inspectors over all the mail that's been stolen from me and written letters to the editor (which they always refuse to publish). I could've simply not bothered. One way the Postal Service reduced their staggering number of complaints is they pulled all of the complaint forms out of their lobbies, making it much harder to complain. Not that complaining does any good, anyway. All I can say is that if I'm ever on a jury for someone who attacked a postal worker, I'll never vote to convict.

And now I can see how awful my new post office turns out to be. The beat goes on.

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