Friday, July 20, 2012

road rage

You always hear about road rage. Then, suddenly, out of the blue there it is.  Yesterday, some woman was stopped on a green light. I honked at her. She honked back and still sat there. I honked again. She finally started moving at about 10 mph in a 50 zone. I gave her the finger, which she seemed to notice from her expression that I could see in her mirror. Then she slams on the breaks and stops right in the middle of the road. Then the passenger door opens and some guy gets out. I slammed it in park and opened the door. This guy is yelling "I'm gonna kick your ass."

"Bring it on," said I. He takes a swing at me and I quickly pinned him to the hood of my car and pounded his face into it four or five times until he had a nose bleed. Then I threw him to the ground and kicked him the balls as hard as I could. I apparently still remembered my judo training from back in my alarm response days. The kick wasn't really judo.

"You're next bitch!" I yelled to the woman who was getting out of the car.

Then I got back in my car and drove around their van and left.

There was a time, most of life actually, where I would've stayed in my car and dialed 911 because . that's what you're supposed to do. I could've lost the confrontation. The guy could've had a gun and shot me. Frankly, I did not care.  I'm tired of people jerking me around.  I didn't start this little episode. I don't know why they were driving so strangely or why they decided to have it out in the middle of the road. I just know they did. I beat the crap out of someone probably 20 years younger than I am. I am not sorry. I would it again.

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