Tuesday, July 10, 2012

western sci fi

As an addendum to yesterday's posting, I don't think there is anything more maligned than western sci fi.  I guess that's why I publish it. As far as I know, the only regularly publishing western sci fi magazine is mine.  These stories do pop up in other places, but there aren't any ones dedicated to the genre.  We used to get bashed regularly by reviewers, usually with something to the effect that science fiction must take place in the future.  That attack has subsided.  But, it's still a tough sell. A lot of writers won't contribute to us.  What makes this even more confusing is western horror is much more widely published and there are way more writers interested in that area. Although I don't know of any regular magazines featuring western horror, there are always two or three anthologies a year put out here and there.

Of course, SFT puts out western horror anthologies. This has confused some folks, since the magazine doesn't do horror, but all of our books are horror. Future offerings will be under the Timescape imprint to ease the confusion, I hope.

I still wish a million people, a tiny percent of the world population, would buy just one of our books or magazines.

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