Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Being a member of the Horror Writers Association, I find people sometimes offer to send me copies of their horror anthologies. (I can vote for the Stoker Awards). In addition to the HWA, as the editor of a science fiction magazine, I also get offers to get SF anthologies and novels for review purposes. Alas, I haven't taken anyone up on the offers. The horror books that I've been offered, frankly, haven't really interested me and Science Fiction Trails doesn't currently run reviews.  What I should do is take the freebies and sell them on eBay. But I don't think that's fair to people.

Getting reviews and, especially, getting awards can really boost sales.  I understand the game and why it's played.  Alas, most of the books I've been offered haven't got a prayer. Generally speaking, whether it's a Stoker, or a Nebula or Hugo, they almost always go to mass appeal books and magazines--not to obscure small press stuff no one has ever heard of. At least that's always been my take on how these things work.

I've been tempted to start my own award for weird western stories.  I haven't because I simply don't have the time and don't really want the financial commitment.  Even if it's just a certificate and a press release, it's still a commitment I'm not really keen on undertaking right now. Though I have thought about it.

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