Monday, August 13, 2012


I've noticed an interesting pattern lately.  No one seems to want my vampire novel The Brotherhood. It's the first novel I ever had published and is now out in a new edition.  What's interesting, at least to me, is that it has some sales in Great Britain, but it never seems to sell in the USA. It did do okay with a free ebook offer recently on my birthday, but actual paid sales of the print copy or the ebook just do not seem happen in the USA. Since it's set in Oregon, I'm a little baffled why it seems to be finding a small niche across the pond. I'm happy that people there want it, just a little baffled.  But then, lots of things baffle me.

To those who haven't been reading this blog regularly, The Brotherhood is about a bunch of monks who have a very dark secret--they're vampires. 

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