Saturday, August 11, 2012

Double Your Pleasure

I don't usually rattle on so much about Science Fiction Trails, as they do have their own website. Still, there are two issues this time. I decided to split in two with the special Martian issue. I'd first considered doing one big issue, but the Martian stories are so different from the Issue 8 stories [We'll call it the Robot Issue, because of the robot cover.] I even considered doing something like a back to back, like the old Ace Doubles.  But, at the end of the day I decided to do two different issues. The underlying question is: Will they cannibalize each other? I just don't know yet. I'm thinking they likely will.

I really like the Robot Issue.  It's more heavily laden with alternate worlds than past issues, but they're pretty well thought out alternate worlds.

And then there's the Martian issue. Some folks may be surprised to discover that some of the stories are actually set on Mars. Yep, it's not at all just a bunch of Martians invading Earth--not by a long shot.

So, next week, I promise to find something else to rant about beside publishing.  I haven't talked about tires in a while . . .

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