Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lying Pollsters

I got a political poll call last night. Believe it or not, I've never gotten one before. This was obviously a Republican pollster.  It was amazing how they were trying to manipulate my answers by the way they were phrasing the questions.  Ergo, one wonders how accurate these polls are. Of course, I'm not sure they care. If they trick so many people into saying they oppose this guy, then they send out a press release and the media gobble it up.

This particular poll seemed to be trying to see if people have a problem with Romney's new running mate.  Most of the questions were health care related. And Ryan has some very radical views on health care--even more so than Romney.  They seemed to be trying to trick me into answers and even told me things about the Obama Affordable health care act that are not true. I don't know which specific group was behind this one, but it was clearly not an effort to gauge what people are thinking. Of course, if you represent a certain party or candidate, you want to tell them what they want to hear, I would suppose--so they'll give you more business.  About as crooked and cynical as the rest of our political process.

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