Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Geek

Here's a little more info on what I was rattling on about yesterday.

 MileHiCon is pleased to announce that it is now a partner in the Geek Pavilion at the Denver County Fair, August 10-12, 2012 at the Western Stock Show Complex. MileHiCon is assisting with the organization of the Geek Pavilion. The Geek Pavillion will be like a mini SF convention within the Fair. There will be a costume contest, model show, art show and loads Geek oriented competitions, such as: Best Invention, Best Homemade Robot (functional), Best Homemade Robot (non-functional), Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Art, Best Science Art, Best Vintage Technology collectible, Best Vintage Geeky Toy collectible, Best Model Building, Best Original Comic Book, Best Original Short Story (1000-word limit; must pertain to geekery), Critter Crunch Fighting Robots, and many others. We know you’ll love it. MileHiCon will have a booth at the Fair, so stop by and say hi.

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