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The Devil Draws Two: The Weird West Adventures of Miles O'Malley
David B. Riley
Timescape Books, 413 pages

The Devil Draws Two: The Weird West Adventures of Miles O'Malley
David B. Riley
David B. Riley has been writing for a very long time. He decided to put together some of his earlier stories into a collection. For some reason, his earlier works seem centered around the subject of flying saucers. ISFDB Bibliography: David B. Riley
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A review by Sandra Scholes


Cyberpunk is a popular subject nowadays and it's no wonder when the Wild West, new technology and the threat of aliens rear its head. David B. Riley brings the past back to the reader with Miles O'Malley's adventures in what he calls the weird west. The character started out in a few short stories; in "Cabal Asylum," and "Hadrosaur Tales," and then he went on to feature in two other novels; The Two Devils and Devil's Due. Miles has been in a lot of trouble, but now he has hit rock bottom rather than the jackpot with Ah Puch, a Mayan god who wants to take over California. He has plans to turn it into his very own empire, and lawman Miles has to take him on, but not without the help of a few friends. Mayans aren't all he encounters though; he has an array of unusual things coming his way -- ghosts, sea monsters, fallen angels and aliens feature just as frequently in this novel. And as if that was all he had to contend with, there are others out there who want to give him a hard time, the fallen angels in question want to enchant him by making themselves look like even sexier women. How can a man like Miles resist them? Well, that is a very good question indeed as he has had to resist a whole host of different women, all dodgy and all beautiful... most of the time. The Devil Draws Two is a huge novel, and it is nice and heavy. It starts out with General Creed meeting the Mayan god of death just as Miles has an encounter with a raucous shape-shifter. One thing about Miles that you notice early on in the story is that he risks his life for others, and can get quite sentimental about those of the female persuasion. As it is a large book, there is room for plenty of new and interesting characters, leaving none for boredom in this world of fast guns and even faster women. This isn't all cyberpunk or Wild West either, there is a good dose of fantasy and horror in it too, and with the descriptions of severed heads and strange beasts, readers can be entertained all the way through the novel and come out the other end with a huge sigh of relief... hoping that Miles makes it through. Readers can expect originality and good humour from this creative offering, and a delving into the mind of one man who could do a lot for Western public relations.
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