Saturday, August 25, 2012


I can't say as I'm a huge fan of e-books.  Though I do recognize they are constantly growing in popularity. I don't have any of the tablet options like Kindle, though I do have software that can read Kindle books on my computer.  There are a lot of free books available for download and I've availed myself of that option.  But, given the choice, I'd still prefer to read on something that doesn't have to be recharged.

Which brings me to the subject of social media.  I have a dumb phone, not a smart one.  I know full well what Facebook and Twitter are.  I just don't like them.  People seem shocked when I say that. The assumption is that cranky middle aged guy can't keep up with the technology. Truth is, I can handle it--just don't want to.  I really do not like Facebook. I started a page and soon abandoned it. I didn't like it-no pun intended.  And I even tried Twitter and quickly dropped off there as well.

Which leads me to my latest gripe. The trend amongst companies seems to be they only offer deals on Facebook.  I had lunch yesterday and the cup had one of those codes only a smart phone could read. I figured out that, not only do you have to have the smart phone, but you also must go to Facebook to claim your prize, whatever that may be. There was no other option, ergo I was excluded. Well, I don't really care as few of these deals are worth my time to redeem anyhow, but locking people out of deals seems counter productive.

And, finally, I've got this new keyboard on my DESKTOP computer. It's got these large print yellow keys. Apparently this thing was designed for old people.  Well, I could see the letters on my old keyboard just fine. But the old keyboard wasn't working well (I type a lot).  I thought this thing looked cool and was very reasonably priced. So I bought it. I'm not blind.  I just liked it. Just as I prefer my desktop to notebooks. (I type a lot). I like the desktop better.

I understand it. I could easily use it. And as hard as that may be to believe, cranky middle aged guy just does not want it.

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