Thursday, September 27, 2012

Feeding people

The other day I posted that I had placed a bag of hamburgers in someone's car.   Well, the window got rolled up as it's been raining. Finally, the bag of rotting hamburgers disappeared. 

While on the subject of lunches, the hotel I used to work at had a refrigerator in the break room. The amount of thieving of people's food was astonishing.  It didn't matter if you wrote your name on something, chances were good it would be gone before you could eat it.  What particularly bothered me was somebody kept taking my diet Dr. Pepper, even though my name was clearly posted on it. One day I got fed up and dumped a bottle of soy sauce in it.  I also noted the level on the 2 liter bottle. Somebody clearly took some of the liquid. I don't know what their reaction was when they drank it. Ultimately, I gave up and stopped bringing anything to work that I could not consume within my shift.

Did this stop me from leaving things? Hell no.  I once made a sandwich of bologna, turnips, ketchup and children's paste [it's not toxic and won't hurt you if you eat it. Yes, the kind kids use for art class]. That sandwich disappeared.  I also made one once that had mold on the inside of the bun. That also promptly disappeared.  Then there was the sandwich of peanut butter, barbecue sauce, powdered sugar and sliced radishes. Half of it vanished. Somebody actually cut it in half, took half and left half in the fridge.

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