Friday, September 28, 2012

Guest Blog

Hi, it's me, Karl,

I'm guest blogging today.  The weather's changing. Back in the cretaceous, Colorado was warmer than it is now.  I don't really like winter. But, contrary to popular opinion, dinosaurs are not cold blooded.  I don't hibernate. I just get really chummy with my space heater during the winter months.

Dave's blog yesterday had some delicious sandwich recipes. I couldn't wait to try them out. I really liked the one with peanut butter and barbecue sauce. That may now be my favorite sandwich. 

So, my latest adventure was I went to a haunted house.  I don't mean one of those places with college kids acting like zombies, I mean a real one.  Well, the ghost there came down the stairs. It was one of those black ghosts that nobody understands.. I'm told people didn't even believe they existed, then better low light cameras came on the market and started capturing them and now there's lots of pictures of them. Anyway, the ghost got a look at me and I sent it fleeing back up the stairs. They haven't heard a peep out that ghost since then.  I may try and start a  new career as a ghost remover. They'll have to come up with something more scary than that, let me tell you. They have these devices called EVP meters now. It lets you hear the ghosts, as they sometimes talk to you. The ghost I ran off said "What the?" Then it said something like "Yaaaa!" and that was it. I think modern technology is awesome.

Back where I come from I don't think we had ghosts.  Maybe someday I'll get over to the Labrea Tar Pits and see if they have any dino ghosts over there. I wish they had dino ghosts up in South Dakota. They might be some of my old friends. I'd love to go and catch up on old times with them.

Until next time...


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