Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lunches From Outer Space

I live in a condo complex. I’ve noticed a neighbor always leaves his car window down. They’re new to the area. I suspect that will change when winter hits. For some reason, I went to Wendy’s and ordered three of the cheapest hamburgers they have. I ended up with ones that cost $1.39 each. I placed the bag on the passenger side seat of said car with said open window. I don’t know why I did it. I just did. Anyway, the car went away for the day and when it came back, I noticed the sack of burgers still sitting on the front seat. It looked like it hadn’t even been touched. Then another day went by and I noticed the sack of burgers still seemed to be in the exact same place..

I don’t how long the sack of burgers will sit there. I’ll revisit this at some future point. I’m amazed the bears haven’t gone after them. I would be a might bit curious at finding a bag of burgers in my car. I’d probably dispose of them. They’re still out in that car as of this posting.

This reminds me somewhat of someone I went to high school with. Shortly after graduation, he left the keys to his car in my possession. I promptly had a duplicate set made. I had intended to move his car and do annoying things like that. What I actually ended up doing was making bag lunches and placing them in his car. They were basic lunches with a bag of chips, a sandwich such as peanut butter and perhaps some fruit like a banana or apple. I left these lunches in his car a good eight or nine times. I was simply amazed when I learned that he’d actually been eating them. Lunches mysteriously placed in a locked car by unknown persons for whatever fiendish intent. There wasn’t anything wrong with them, but I sure as heck wouldn’t have eaten them.

This doesn’t prove much other than I’m kind of weird and I can’t figure why someone would run around with a bag of three day and counting old hamburgers in his car.

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