Wednesday, September 12, 2012

$$$ Money

Well, for the past five days I've been paying cash for my purchases.  It has been pure hell.  I just love my debit card and use it to pay for almost all routine purchases. I think debit cards are absolutely wonderful. Why cash?  I wanted to see if the results were the same as they were a year ago when I did a similar experiment.  To put it bluntly, money handlers can't count. Now, keep in mind I live in a ski resort and our workforce is probably not typical compared to an average American town. Still, a year ago the only transactions that were right were at the (Kroger) grocery store and  the bank. Another grocery store and all other transactions (95%) from tacos to gasoline resulted in change errors. All of them. And I was shorted every time.

As I said, this was similar. It was not the same mix of businesses.  I just bought what I wanted, but paid cash. My change was only off in 25% of the transactions--way better than last year, but still alarmingly high. One local restaurant routinely rounds off and never bothers to give you the silver part of your change at all, which is a violation of Colorado law.

And that's one reason I like to use my debit card. There is no change involved.

I've noticed terminals for some sort of smart phone based payments sprouting up. I refused to put my life on a phone. My phone is just a phone and it will remain so. I don't know if this new system will catch on.  But it would probably better serve people than cash, based on my results.

For now, just give me my debit card and leave me be. And stop ripping people off with their change.


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