Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pterodactyl Dayz

Hi, it’s me, Karl. I’m guest blogging today. There was some talk of making some video starring me. The hangup is they can’t seem to figure out a storyline. So, it may be a while. I don’t see what the problem is. They could have me saving the world from space aliens. Me eating the bad guys in some western. Or I could take on my arch nemesis, the pterodactyls. I really like that one. Heck, we could do all three in one video. That would be awesome.

Pterodactyls are mean and nasty flying creatures that used to attack young dinosaurs from the air. One came after me once when I was little. But my mom came running and that was one critter that learned not to mess with a tyrannosaurus’s younguns. They don’t even taste very good. A lot of people call them flying dinosaurs, but they’re not. I didn’t know that back when I lived in the cretaceous, but that’s what they said at the museum. And people think they were ancestors to the birds. They were just flying reptiles that died out. Good riddance, I say. They weren’t all that big, but people aren’t sure how big they were, because a lot of the fossils were probably juveniles. They sure seemed big when I was young and they wanted to eat me.

I like going to the museum and looking at the exhibits. Sometimes I sit around and let people think I’m an exhibit. That’s always fun. The guy at the museum’s loading dock is mad at me. There was this truck delivering meat for the snack bar. They had beef, and some frozen chicken and some stuff in a box with a fish printed on the side. It didn’t taste or look like any fish I ever saw. Whoever saw square fish? Well, they don’t have any of that stuff anymore. Boy was that guy steamed. I was hungry.

Then I went over to some Girl Scouts and they all left suddenly. I thought they’d like a chance to see a dinosaur up close. Apparently, not. I don’t know what they were all screaming about. It was probably good to take them outside. I'm sure their screaming was bothering people.

So, anyway, maybe I’ll be in some video. Maybe not. Til next time.


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