Monday, September 10, 2012


I had a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday. I like them on sourdough bread.  That's not in itself all that interesting.  I guess the problem with my meal is that I didn't have any tomato soup with it. I always have tomato soup when I have a grilled cheese. My departure was due to my not taking a list of needed foodstuffs to the grocery store. I bought the bread and the cheese, but neglected the soup. When I began to prepare my meal, only then did I realize I didn't have any tomato soup. I was miserable. The sandwich was fine, but I've become so accustomed to having soup with that particular sandwich it really bothered me. I guess I'm simply too set in my ways. I think that's the only sandwich that I am so obsessively attached to having soup with it. I think it stems to childhood, as many habits do. My mother always served tomato soup when she fixed a grilled cheese. And so, a zillion years later, I felt somewhat lost and missing something because I didn't have any soup.

And the odd thing is, my mother never fixed grilled cheeses with sourdough bread. She always used plain old white bread.  But, although I never use plain old white bread for anything, I seem to still be fixated on the need to have my soup. 

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