Sunday, September 9, 2012

That Doctor Guy

Well, after a long hiatus, Dr. Who is back.  So far, pretty good stuff. Heck, they even had dinosaurs.  I always thought, if some benevolent time traveler offered me a ride back in time, I'd like to see some dinosaurs.  I don't know that I'd want to be their lunch, but a quick trip to the cretaceous period would be kind of nice. I think the cretaceous dinosaurs are the more interesting, not that I'm all knowing on these matters.

Anyway back to Dr. Who. They damn near lost me last year with the Amy isn't Amy and River is Amy's daughter even though she's way older than Amy and blah blah. This season, so far anyway, doesn't have these threads or "Badwolf" turning up everywhere or cracks in people's bedrooms. It's just one adventure at a time (so far). An improvement, in my opinion.

And the stun guns they had in Saturday's episode looked identical to the ones in Primeval. BBC always recycling props.  Heck the dinosaurs looked like the ones in Primeval, too. Primeval is a different BBC time travel series.  The Brits sure seem to go for time travel.  It's almost the only science fiction one sees on the BBC.  Tally ho.

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