Monday, October 8, 2012


Can't say that I'm a big fan of Christo Columbo. More on that in a moment. Cities with large Italian populations like San Francisco have always had big celebrations for Columbus Day. I remember back in college I had this history class and Columbus came up a few times on some assignments. I always wrote "Christo Columbo" and it always came back from the intructor marked in red. Christo Columbo was his real name. How it became in America Christopher Columbus is a mystery to me. Anyway, the gist of one of my test responses was what did Columbus accomplish? I replied he brought death, disease and mysery to the native peoples of the Caribbean. And on another question about his third voayage to the new world, I pointed out that his own men imprisoned him after a mutiny because he was such a poor commander. I don't remember what grade I got in the class, but it probably wasn't very good. But, to this day, children are indoctrinated that Columbus was some visionary explorer. Truth is, he was a dim bulb who actually thought he was in India. If anybody was so undeserving of a holiday, it is he. Yet, the banks will be closed in his honor today. And then there's the notion he discovered America. He did not. Leaf Erikson, a Viking explorer, found the New World centuries earlier. We were never told about Leaf Erikson when I was in school.

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