Thursday, October 4, 2012


I got an offer from Holiday Inn yesterday. I don't know why. I'm not sure how they found me. You see, I have not stayed at a Holiday Inn in five years. And I've vowed to never stay at one again. I actually once worked at a Holiday Inn. But, that was some time ago. Five years ago I had a reservation to stay at one in a Denver suburb. It did not go well. They stuck me in the worst room of the hotel, presumably because I had a discounted room (they only had five paying customers that night--hardly full up). It stunk of cigarettes and mold. When I complained, I was told there was nothing I could do about it. They were right about that. Though I left the hotel and never returned, there wasn't anything I could actually do about it. I complained to Holiday Inn customer relations. They were as rude and uncaring as the jerks at the actual hotel. When I worked for them they took guest complaints very seriously. Not anymore, it would seem. I haven't stayed at one since and never will. I'll sleep in my car first. And that was why it seemed so odd that I got an offer from them. And that reminded me of the ever expanding list of businesses I boycott. Not one of them cares that I boycott them, but boycott I shall continue to do. Great Lakes Airlines, Geico Insurance, TGI Fridays, Kohl's, Priceline, Firestone Tires, Main St. Grill in Edwards CO, the Avon Post Office, Colorado Mountain Express, Greyhound, Exxon, Super 8, Grand Teton Lodge Company, Vail Resorts, American Express, Discover Card, Wells Fargo, a truck stop on the Wy-Co border whose name I can't remember...and that's just what immediately came to mind. The actual list of places I won't patronize is actually much longer. And I know they don't care. But they will never get any more of business. And they all have competitors who will.

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