Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Polly Ticks

I had a few thoughts about the debate the other day. My thoughts aren't always like the thoughts of normal people. Obama should've shown up with a few bottles of his infamous White House Ale. He could've given a bottle to Jim Lehrer, the moderator, and kept one for himself. And they could've sipped beer during the debate. And for Romney, they could've offered him a glass of milk, since a good Mormon won't drink beer. Then there's the Republican Party's pathetic attempts to restrict voting with their ID rules. If I were doing that, I'd move all of the polling places far away from minority neighborhoods and onto streets without things like public transportation. That would be more effective at retricting turnout than the ID rules. I'm not advocating doing that, just stating that it would work better. And, how glad I'll be when the endless horrible commercials are over. The British can do a full election cycle in about two months. It takes us two years. I'm sick of it. Make it go away. Please make it go away.

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