Monday, November 5, 2012

new review

A new review out in the latest issue of Blood Moon Rising
Low Noon: Tales of Horror & Dark Fantasy by David B.
Riley (editor)
This is our second book by Riley and it is the second
collection of horror western to come from them to us. You
would never think of putting westerns and horror together but
apparently there is enough out there to bring us a second book.
It’s a good thing because Riley has put together another suc-
cessful collection (12 stories) that is a must read.
One of the stories I enjoyed was The Five Disciples. This
brings several genres together besides the western and horror
to blend into one action packed bloodfest. It tells the story of
Lone Crow, bounty hunter tracking down a killer when they are both set up by a
bewitching woman. In order to survive now, they must put aside their differences
to fight for survival. Can the good and bad trust each other another to live to see
another day?
I also enjoyed The Temptation of Darcy Morgan. This tells of a young lady
who deals cards for a saloon. A stranger comes into town and beats Darcy every
deal of the cards. Then he makes her a wager with a card game that can lead to
her never worrying about money again but at a cost of her town. Something is not
right and Darcy must figure it out before she loses everything and everyone she
cares about. This is a great story because it is not about action like the last story
but a battle of the mind.
Riley has put together a great selection of authors who give a variety of
stories, each one just as good as the next. They all give you a feeling of the west
while keeping the horror in that time and still making you feel it as a reader. I
recommend this book for anyone who wants something different with a quick
pace. You can get this at

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