Sunday, November 11, 2012


One of the more frustrating things about putting out magazines and books is the fact that so many writers can't be bothered to help promote them. They flat out refuse to even do so much as mention them on a blog or website. And, God forbid, we could never plug them at a con or do a reading. No one is contracted to do anything. My projects, alas, don't pay pro rates and I can't compel anybody to help promote a project. Still, it's nice when they do.

Now, fast forward to the new anthology. Gunslingers & Ghost Stories, which is coming out in just a few weeks. This one has a different mix of writers than the past projects. There's already been more pre-release publicity and various expressions of enthusiasm for this one than the last three books combined. I'm kind of stoked.

I also have a unique situation as far as Denver area publicity that I'm not entirely sure how to harness. I have four contributing writers from the Denver area. That's not unique. The unique part is they're all women. There must be a publicity angle here, though I haven't quite figured it out. In the meantime, we're set up for a reading at Broadway Book Mall on December 8th. I'm hoping we can organize at least one other event. Stay tuned.

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