Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Shopping

In addition to Kindle, I've been adding stuff to Nook at Barnes & Noble as well. Right now they've got my novella, The Pirate Dogs; My story collection Grumpy Gaines, Texas Ranger; My new anthology Gunslingers & Ghost Stories; Low Noon: Tales of Horror and Dark Fantasy From the Weird Weird West; and a few issues of Science Fiction Trails. Whilst I'm delighted to have more places people can get stuff, I'm not convinced this will do much good. Low Noon and Six Guns Straight From Hell, my other anthologies, have only sold a couple of copies in print at It's striking how much more Amazon sells than Barnes & Noble.

In all honesty, I've given up trying to figure out why people buy on one site and not another. As far as ebooks go, I've come to like Nook better than Kindle.

Over at Science Fiction Trails, we once had it set up so people could buy online and pay through PayPal. Hardly anyone ever did. So, we got rid of that option. It simply wasn't worth the trouble. We now have a link to our entire offerings at Amazon and a few folks do actually seem to be using that option.

And, this holiday season, if you want our print books, which is still my preference, you can pick them up at your local Amazon Store. They're right next to the pickles.

So, on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we're ready for folks. They can buy print or ebooks. Happy shopping.

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