Monday, November 12, 2012

The Zombie Hoard

I haven't written about The Walking Dead in some time. I just love that show. I never really liked zombie movies or even zombie stories. Then along comes this TV show and everything changed. I find the show absolutely addictive. I don't think I'm alone. It's become hugely popular. The one thing I'd still like to know is what caused the zombies. Was it some germ warfare experiment gone bad or some act of God? Well two things. I'd also like to know what happened to the guy who saved Rick back in the first episode?

Now advance to reality (sort of).

I've long believed that when the zombies or roving bands or whatever come, those who hord supplies will simply be the victims. They will be targets and they will be hunted down and killed and their supplies taken. Mobile and adaptable people will be the ones who survive, not the ones hiding in the bunkers. Find the bunker's air intake and it's all over for those inside. So, I'll take my chances on the outside.

I once worked at a place where, on the next piece of land over, some guy lived in a bunker. If you went out to your car, a TV camera followed you. I thought that, if the roving hords come, I'd rather be in the hord. This guy would be easy pickings. I'd simply go find a welding torch in the maintenance building, cut open his hatch and drop a homemade bomb down in the hole. Then, whatever supplies were there would be mine.

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