Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weird Westerns

I’ve been reading a book called The Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns by Paul Green. One thing that continues to amaze me is how many people seem to have no clue of just how much stuff is out there in this genre. I recently posted a recent review by Blood Moon Rising. I appreciated their kind words concerning Low Noon, though I was disappointed that they seemed to think there was something rare or unusual with these type of stories. I’d like to encourage people to have a look at this book and also look at a site called if, for no other reason, to see just how many of these stories exist. I found quite a few things, especially in film, that were even new to me.

And, I noted a brief mention of my Weird Western novel, The Two Devils in the book. [The Two Devils has since been combined with two other books and reprinted as The Devil Draws Two.] I also noted a reference to The Weird Western Adventures of Haakon Jones by the late Aaron B. Larson, which I consider to be the best single author anthology from this genre. The Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns is available from many libraries.

My point here is weird westerns go way back. They’re not new and they’re sure not that rare.

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