Sunday, December 16, 2012


One of the things that I dislike about living in ski country is the cost of everything. Whenever I go to other places, like Phoenix or any other city, I often do a double take at the prices of everything. Stuff is always cheaper. Even in Denver stuff is cheaper--whether that be food or gasoline. The people who study this stuff say healthcare is cheaper there as well. It's harder to compare things like healthcare, though I do not doubt the findings.

That said, one can't simply hop in the Ford and drive to Denver to satisfy a hankering for tacos. But, as I think about expenditures for next year, I am tempted to figure out the cheapest place in America and go there for summer vacation. Alas, that's not quite as simple as one might think. Lodging, food, entertainment, transportation are all somewhat different entities. One place may have the best deal in food, but be astronomical in terms of transportation, for example. If I figure out the answer to this riddle, I'll declare my findings in a later post.

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