Thursday, December 27, 2012

Going Concern?

With the recent launch of Gunslingers & Ghost Stories I sought out some book stores that carry a lot of horror books. I found one online list and selected 20 stores. When I checked their respective websites, it was obvious half of them were out of business. People just never update their lists.

Of the remainging ten, 8 of them were not encouraging or had no contact information, so I did not contact them. It's amazing how many so-called businesses refuse to put any contact information on their websites. What are they afraid of?

This left just two stores. Their websites would appear to be ongoing businesses. I wrote to them. Both letters were returned as undeliverable. This is truly amazing to me, that people can't shut down their websites or at least put up a banner that says OUT OF BUSINESS. So, my list of 20 stories culled down to absoluterly zero. I shan't try this avenue again.

I know the odds are low with this type of marketing. I do it because people cannot buy your product if they don't know about it. Although, they also can't buy it if they're no longer in business. It seems a lot of book dealers have gone belly up. The Census Bureau actually says brick and mortar book stores are still selling a lot of the books, but not the ones I tried to contact.

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