Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spam Awardz

I said last week that I think most of the people soliciting me to read their book or story are delusional. There is no way on earth most of these people are going to win a Stoker Award. Well, the deluge of pitches just keeps coming. I honestly think someone must be selling the HWA mailing list, though the powers that be keep insisting that is not the case.

In general, I really hate spam. The problem is it's so blasted cheap to send out. Over at SF Trails I've sent out limited emails to people that have some involvement with SF Trails, but I even feel guilty sending those out.

So, I guess the time has come for the email ad people to have the SPAM Awards. Categories could include best pop up spam, best spam disguidsed as a bank statement, most annoying spam, and most poorly designed and ineffective spam (I'd nominate most of the Stoker spam in this category).

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