Monday, December 31, 2012

Wagging tails

I don't like New Years very much. It's all too easy to reflect back on another year, on all the things I wanted to accomplish but did not. I guess that's why I admire dogs so much. They don't dwell on the past or the future. With them, it's just the present. It's raining today. We're going for a ride in the car today. And once that day is over, the focus simply shifts to the new day. There's a racoon in the yard or I have to go to the vet.

Dogs simply don't down a bottle of some potable and lament about lost opportuities, lost loves or having to eat dog food instead of turkey because the holiday leftovers are all gone now. They simply do what a lot of people are told--take things one day at a time. Breaking it up into manageable bits and pieces is easier, they tell us. Nobody has to tell dogs that. They just know.

I've often thought the world would be a better place if dogs ran it, if dogs had evolved into the dominant species instead of apes. Dogs are honest. There's no deception in them. If they hate you they'll growl or even try and bite you. If they love you, you'll be warmly greeted whether you've been gone for six hours or six months--no questions asked. That would be a better world, in my opinion, than the one we have created for ourselves. Maybe, after people are all killed off, God will give dogs a crack at things. They couldn't possibly do any worse.

We've had two dominant creatures on earth that I know of. First, we got dinosaurs. They ran things for millions of years. Things were probably pretty brutal back then, but there was an honesty to things.

Then, the dinosaurs all got killed off. I believed my whole life it was due to a meteor. When I was in school that theory was not accepted. It is now. They've even found the impact sight. Then, along came the apes. We haven't been around nearly as long as the dinosaurs were. I suspect the dinosaurs would be amazed at the world we've built. But, is it a better world? I think not.

And, what world would the dogs build? I have no idea. If you have a dog, as it sleeps, ask yourself what that dog is dreaming about. A new world, a new era or chasing a ball across a lawn? And is there any difference?

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