Saturday, January 26, 2013

Are people really helpless?

Over at Science Fiction Trails I get a query every now and then that makes me wonder. They usually start about a link on some newsletter or website that’s not any good so they are wondering if SFT is a going concern (though the email always seems to work). That is a legitimate issue as so many outfits go belly up all the time. I have no control over these type of listings. The part that makes me wonder is: Why are these people so blasted helpless? If you type in Science Fiction Trails on all of the major search engines our website comes up. If you go to our website our current gridlines, as well as info about the issues we’ve done are right there plain as day. I just don’t know why this never seems to occur to these people. Maybe I’m missing something?

Message to the world: these newsletters and writer sites are riddled with errors and obsolete information. It is good to check with the actual publication. But, it’s not that hard to locate them if they maintain an active website.

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