Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Looking for Bigfoot

It occurred to me that I got so wrapped up with watching Downton Abbey last Sunday that I completely forgot to watch Finding Bigfoot. It would be my luck that they actually found one. It's about four people who wander around in the woods making howls and knocking sticks together in the hopes of finding a Bigfoot. Thing is, they never seem to actually find one. So, the viewer simply watches people wander around in the woods and sometimes interview witnesses who claim to have seen one, but never can produce any proof.

Back a few years ago, I used to call people and conduct phone surveys. These were my own surveys, about things I wanted to know. They were not for some company. One of the surveys was asking people if they believed in Bigfoot. Only a very small percentage did. The same survey found way more people believe in UFOs. It seemed Bigfoot needed to hire a better publicist.

I've never seen a Bigfoot. I've never seen a flying saucer, either. But, back to Bigfoot, it amazes me that this team, equipped with night vision and thermal cameras can't come up with anything. Yet, watch the show do I.

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