Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Martians Aren't Coming

I’m often completely baffled by things, so that is not anything all that new. But, now that sales have come in for a while, I find the numbers for Science Fiction Trails confusing. We put out two issues last summer, a regular issue and a special Martian issue. They’re about the same size and same price. The regular issue is outselling the Martian issue by a ratio of five to one. People, it would appear, do not seem to be that in to Martians. It’s even got a few stories that are actually set on Mars. Clever stories. But, if people don’t want to buy it they don’t want to buy it and that’s that.

I rather liked the Martian issue. But, it would seem, would be readers are not that interested in stories about Martians. Martians were once a staple of science fiction. I guess, as science has told us, it’s simply a dead planet. Folks don’t sit and ponder what might be going on over there.

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