Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dr. Pepper

Anyone who knows me knows I have a certain fondness for Diet Dr. Pepper. I don't really like sugary drinks and of the sugar free variety, I think DDP tates better than most do. I've never actually seen another human being drink the stuff, so I sometimes wonder if I'm their only customer. So, why don't you try that Dr. Pepper 10? Somebody asked me. Well, I have tried it. Frankly, I can't tell any difference between them, whatsoever.

One thing I wonder about, and I wonder about a lot of things, is there are often store brand equivalents to regular Dr. Pepper under brands like Dr. K and so forth. I've never been to any store that had such an equivalent to the Diet Dr. Pepper. So, I never seem to get the thrifty savings of store brands. I guess it's just not economical to make the stuff for just one person. I'm actually grateful to the Dr. Pepper company for making this beverage for me, my being their only customer and all.

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